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Energy flows where intention goes…

More information about The Living Wheel is located in the ABOUT section of the website, but I’ve had several people ask if I could share more about my personal journey creating it. As a thank you to everyone who has subscribed to the News & Updates I thought I’d share a brief recap of that journey here first for anyone interested!

Reflection…In the 78 Cards

The Living Wheel framework evolved out of my desire to have fixed and energetic markers throughout a year. Tarot is an essential tool that I use for self-reflection. I work heavily with the ‘Year Ahead Spread’ - so conceptually, creating the living wheel started with a wheel that could mark the 12 months.

Manifestation…with the Moon

While celebrating a wedding anniversary, at a beautiful vacation home on the coast of Maine with my wife, I personally started to synchronize intention and manifestation with the moon. Where we were staying was surrounded by the ocean, and unlike any other time, I was able to SEE and FEEL the power of the moon. Each day the tides would come in, then out. I saw how the seagulls, ducks and other life responded. How the vast ocean full of so much unknown would come in and cover the beaches, concealing so much, only to soon withdraw, each time revealing a similar, but new landscape. It reminded me of one of my favorite quotes, “every day is a new opportunity to create a new happy ending.” I added the moon phase dates for each month to synchronize them with intention setting and manifestation.

Harmony…with Nature

The desire to live more in harmony with nature came from looking at aspects of life we all share as human beings. In nature, we find inclusivity as we are all subject to the weather. Not unlike most of us, I have my ‘favorite’ times of the year. Living in Maine, I am fortunate to fully experience the weather associated with each of the four seasons. We have frigid, dark and snow-filled winters. Wet, messy and ultimately very green Springs. Summers are warm, bright and alive and we transition into the most fantastic Fall with leaves that turn from green to shades of orange, yellow and reds, before going brown and falling to the ground.

As started paying closer attention to seasonal nuances, however, I realized that the traditional four-season markers felt a bit broad. For example, the energy of the first half of Fall and how it is viewed and experienced is very different than the second half. In fact, all four seasons are that way here in Maine. In researching it became clear to me why so many different versions of an 8 spoked, seasonal wheel, have existed in history. I decided to integrate 8 spokes, however, unlike most wheels that are marked by specific religious or cultural festivals, I decided to observe the four actual dates for the Solstices and Equinoxes, as well as the dates that score the halfway or cross-quarter points between each.

As Above…So Below

At this point in my journey, I was happy to experience the natural balance found in not only the monthly energy of the moon but also the annual energy of the sun. As individuals, I celebrate that we are all so unique yet believe we are intrinsically connected. I find much solace that we all live under, and experience, the same sun and moon and they are what continued to inspire me to look up.

While the effects of the moon and the sun can be seen and experienced through nature, I started thinking about how we might be personally affected by them. Since the Moon influences the tides of our oceans and our planets’ relationship to the sun creates seasonal shifts, I became curious to learn more about the potential impact they and other celestial bodies have on us.

Thus my journey into exploring astrology began, and The Living Wheel expanded yet again to incorporate the zodiac wheel. It is positioned to depict the traditional relationship between the signs and months.

This post could be much longer, but as I like to say,…

...there is always more to know...

The Living Wheel Fine Art Print for 2019 is available here


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