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Traditional Planetary Rulerships

MIRROR MIRROR Part 2: Traditional Zodiac Sign Rulerships

In Part 1 (see Blog post on the website), we took a quick dive into The Sun, Moon, and Planets archetypal energies.

I’m very much looking forward to diving into the next component of astrology, The Zodiac. There is so much to say about The Zodiac collectively and each sign individually. Personally, I like keeping information ‘morsel sized’. So consider this our first bite.

In Astrology, the Zodiac is defined as an area in the sky that the Sun, Moon, and Planets visibly travel. While each travel the band at varying speeds, there are twelve constellations in consecutive order within it. These twelve constellations are considered The Zodiac, and they act as the signposts along the journey since they are fixed and do not move. Upon completion of the trip, The Sun, Moon, and Planets find themselves back at the beginning of the Zodiac. The journey through the cycle begins again.

The twelve Zodiac Signs in consecutive order are:





♌️ LEO








Traditionally The Sun, Moon, and Planets were all assigned as ‘Rulers’ of specific signs. It is understood that when The Sun, Moon, and Planets are in the particular Zodiac sign they rule, that each is most energetically comfortable, or “At Home.” When in the other signs, they are visitors and thus behave differently. Not unlike us, we are most comfortable when we are in our own homes, so our behaviors are different from when we are visiting family, friends, strangers, or at work. A dive into this is for another post. For now, let’s take a look at the chart below that I created to reflect the rulership assignments.

Traditional Planetary Rulerships

The Zodiac is the outer ring. The Sun, Moon, and Planets are in the center. The glyph for the Moon is located above the Zodiac Sign of Cancer, whom it rules. Next to it, The Sun, located above Leo, whom it rules.

The remaining five Planets each rule two Zodiac Signs. Mercury ruling Gemini and Virgo, Venus ruling Taurus and Libra, Mars ruling Aries and Scorpio, Jupiter ruling Pisces and Sagittarius, and lastly, Saturn ruling Aquarius and Capricorn.

Fundamental in Astrology is following the journey The Sun, Moon, and Planets take through the Zodiac. Determining what zodiac sign they are in and the impact that has on its behavior. A lifetime can easily be spent discovering the nuances, but starting here, with each where they are most ‘at home’, is a great place to start.

In MIRROR MIRROR Part 3, we’ll take a look at another component of the system of astrology. In the meantime, let’s chat on Instagram! Xx Patrick

...there is always more to know...


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