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1 yr. 11 mos. | Reflections

Like most mornings, I started my day catching up on emails, replying to comments, etc. The rain outside had stopped momentarily. My copy of The Living Wheel Astrology Cards and this MOST distracting citrine are on my desk. I open the next email. "This deck is my favorite portal to the cosmos…" - feelings flood me.

It's been 1 year and 11 months that The Living Wheel Astrology Cards have been available. To say the way this deck has been embraced surprises me is an understatement. Yes, I am so proud of it, but I never could have imagined what my life has been like these last couple of years.

My initial goal was to paint cards that allowed me to bring the cosmos to my desk. That would support my ongoing studies. That I could use as an oracle. A deck that could grow as I do. What started as sticky notes slowly came to life. The creative process for me has always been a complicated one. Unlike many of my favorite artists, I cannot seem to create 'on-demand.' Instead, every decade or so, a feeling arrives, flooding my cells. What almost feels like persistent vibration becomes virtually uncomfortable, and the only real relief is creative action. With every brush of graphite and application of 24k gold, this deck was painted at what I would call a possessed like pace. I am a slow-moving Taurus, but creatively, it was as if the ground shifted below me and carried me much faster than I'd move on my own.

It is because of my wife and son that I pursued making this deck publicly available. Once I had completed the deck for myself, they insisted that it needed to morph into something that others could access. My friend Kelly echoed this sentiment; she is a professional tarot reader and lover of divination systems and tools. So, I ventured into entirely unknown territory. How does one get a deck made? Fortunately, another dear friend, Danielle, pointed me to skillful hands and a path of many decisions. Many months and a million decisions later, the deck was released on the New Moon in Capricorn in January of 2019.

Upon release, I hoped it would mean something to some of you. I had no idea that in 1 year and 11 months, the deck would be well into its 3rd print run and featured in dozens of magical retail shops worldwide. That my days would start and end with making sure orders are shipping as quickly as possible, and that in-between would be spent replying to emails and comments like this.

The email end's "this deck is a secret everyone should experience; magic is real - thank you." I reply the honor is mine. I couldn't more deeply mean it. Each and every one of you who have welcomed this deck into your space, made it part of your spiritual tool kit, and share it are what enable it to fly so very high. Thank you for doing that.

I couldn't agree more; magic is real. In fact, it is everything.

Xx Patrick

...the is always more to know...


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