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Two tools central to my spiritual practice are tarot for self-reflection and astrology to harness and align with the cosmic energy above.

I've been asked to explain how I'll be pulling the #YearAheadSpread using both tarot and astrology this year on the Winter Solstice, December 21st. I'm happy to share! If you are interested in participating, I'd love to see your posts on Instagram. Use the tag #TheLivingWheelAstrologyCards, and #YearAheadSpread2021, so we don't miss your pics!

First, let's start with the cosmic energy above first. Using The Living Wheel Astrology Cards, I will lay out the 12 zodiac cards, beginning in the 12 o'clock position with Capricorn and moving clockwise. Lay each zodiac card out in the order they occur throughout the year.


12. Capricorn (12/21) (Winter Solstice)


  1. Aquarius 1/19

  2. Pisces (2/18)

  3. Aries (3/20) (Spring Equinox)

  4. Taurus (4/19)

  5. Gemini (5/20)

  6. Cancer (6/20) (Summer Solstice)

  7. Leo (7/22)

  8. Virgo (8/22)

  9. Libra (9/22) (Fall Equinox)

  10. Scorpio (10/23)

  11. Sagittarius (11/21)

Cosmically these represent the zodiac 'season' at play throughout the year. Each sign brings unique cosmic energies that are available to embody here on earth during each timeframe. Depending on your personality, some characteristics and qualities will likely be easier or harder to incorporate. For example, I am a very true to form Taurus, slow-moving, so during Aries season, it can be challenging for me to embrace the awe-inspiring, firey speed that Aries energy brings to the table. Nonetheless, embracing each zodiac season and activating them within your actual life is a powerful way to harness and align naturally with the cosmos.

Next up, the tarot offers an unparalleled opportunity for self-reflection. Start by picking a tarot deck that you adore. This year, I will be using the 1909 Art Restoration Deck by C in London. I can't put it down. It is a stunning scan of the very first Rider Waite Smith (RWS) Tarot from 1909, featuring the lilies and roses card backs.

You'll be pulling 13 tarot cards in total. Place the first 12, FACE DOWN, and unison with the 12 zodiac cards, starting again at the 12 o'clock position.

Place the 13th card FACE UP in the center. This card will be your 'card of the year.' This card is the archetypal prompt for self-reflection you will explore all year long. Not every prompt for self-reflection is the easiest to see. I did once flip the Death card over as my card of the year. I don't use tarot in a predictive way, nor do I encourage abdication of personal power. Let the cards fully support you, not scare you. In that instance, I spent the year looking at areas of my life transitioning, ending, or where the new beginnings were.

Next up, you'll start with flipping over the tarot card in the 12 o'clock position aligning with Capricorn Season, which officially begins on December 21st. This tarot card meaning represents the self-reflection prompt for the duration of the Capricorn season. Continue clockwise, turning all the remaining tarot cards over.

To stay on track all year:

  1. Take a photo of your reading.

  2. Consider finding a place where you can predominately display your card of the year and current tarot and zodiac season cards.

  3. Switch the cards out as the year moves forward.

Additionally, journaling about your work with the cards and aligning with the cosmos is transformative.

I hope this has been helpful and that you'll consider joining in! The countdown to Winter Solstice and the #yearaheadspread2021 starts now!

Sending many blessings, Patrick

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