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Ophiuchus Single Card


Ophiuchus Single Card

  • The Sun actually travels through 13 (not 12) constellations annually. Most of us need to become more familiar with Ophiuchus because it was discarded and exchanged for symmetry in mainstream / popular systems of astrology. 


    Ancient star watchers and modern astronomers acknowledge and include Ophiuchus. 


    In the night sky, Ophiuchus follows Scorpio and falls before Sagittarius. On the surface, Scorpio and Ophiuchus may seem to share some of the same energetic themes, but they are different. 


    Ophiuchus themes include: Shedding, Cleansing, and Transmutation. Ophiuchus represents the energy of continuous transformation that comes from a holistic approach


    I'm excited to offer a single Ophiuchus card for those who work with this constellation. 


    Please note: This card features the same size, stock, gilding, and card back as the current 4th print run of The Living Wheel Astrology Cards. 


    There may be some natural variance as this single card was not printed or cut simultaneously with the deck. 

  • Regarding International Shipping: Please expect longer than usual delivery times due to customs in your country. We have had some orders sit in customs for almost 2 months. Once a package leaves the United States we are unable to track it.

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