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The Wheel of the Year

The study of Nature and Astrology go hand in hand. The more you look up to the cosmos, the more you will also look around at its reflection, in nature. The seasonal cards found in The Living Wheel Astrology Cards were designed to bring nature to your desk. 

The 8 Seasonal Cards Included w/each deck
The 8 Seasonal Cards Included w/The Living Wheel Astrology Cards

Humans beings have also marked these eight shifts, starting in the cosmos, then reflected in nature, to their own lives with observances and rituals. Even today, our most well known and observed ‘holidays’ have their roots in them.

One of my favorite oracle decks, The Green Wheel Oracle by Danielle Barlow has this set (see below) of the eight Celtic festivals of the year (Midwinter, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Midsummer, Lammas, AutumnEquinox, and Samhain). I really love how, when paired with the eight cards from The Living Wheel Astrology Cards both the nature and the human energies are expressed. 

Whether you look around to nature itself or specific human traditions, the path leads back to the cosmos and then back down to life again. As Above, So Below and always, As Within. Xx Patrick

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