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The journey is the destination | Community

Layers upon layers upon layers upon layers. Astrology is most certainly an area of study for those who enjoy complex, layered systems. As I have said before - I am not an expert in astrology, but I am astounded more everyday by it. This journey reminds me in many ways of my journey with tarot.

I remember getting my first tarot deck and being completely overwhelmed. I wanted nothing more than to just ‘do it’ the ‘right’ way. I created a YouTube channel (it is no longer active) to document that journey and it was a life changing experience. In that space, I found an array of people ranging from seasoned experts to those just beginning the journey, sharing their knowledge, experiences and stories. I found the most joy in dialoguing with other viewers like me. A ‘community’ of people with a shared passion. Throughout the entire process, connecting and learning with and from others was the biggest highlight for me. I look back now to the period of time when I didn’t even know how many tarot cards were in a deck, or that there is a major and minor arcana, let alone what the differences were, with such a fondness. What was in that moment so ‘overwhelming’, is now the source of such fond memories.

Where am I going with this? Well, this time around I am committed to really embracing the ‘newbie’ state for as long as possible. There is no hurry. The journey is the destination they say - and with astrology, can be lifelong and continue to be transformative throughout. I’ve been watching some amazing professional astrologers online for some time throughout the creation of The Living Wheel Astrology Cards. In fact, the deck started as post-it notes just so I could visualize the components of the system of astrology that I was learning about while watching. I also have taken some online courses, read about a dozen books. Each and every step I am learning something new and as with before, finding the most joy in dialoguing with others on this journey as I share where I am at.

This blog post is more a record for myself than anything else but much like I used to do with my videos on YouTube, I would love to throw out a couple topics for discussion and I would love to engage with you on them in the comments on Instagram.

  1. I am finding myself leaning toward and finding the most resonance with traditional astrology. Specifically, I prefer the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) to NOT be assigned as rulers to any of the houses specifically. The beautiful symmetry of the 7 traditional rulerships is impossible for me to ignore given my love of balance within systems. I see within the community a lot of synthesizing taking place to reconcile traditional and modern approaches. I find those efforts to be very inspiring. Where do you land on that?

  2. I am also finding the most resonance at this time with planetary transits, retrogrades, the entire moon cycle, and seasonal shifts then I am with astrological aspects. While I absolutely appreciate and am working with aspects in astrology I am finding it harder to truly harness the energy of them, ’so below’, here in my actual life. With the planetary transits, i.e., Venus moving from Taurus to Gemini or the Sun moving from Leo to Virgo, etc., I find the energy felt in my actual life is palatable. Much like when planets go retrograde or go direct - in the day to day circumstances of life, these shifts are accessible to explore and felt with ease. I can also say the same as I’ve been following the moon phases for years in an effort toward utilizing the moon for manifestation and for sinking into the changing of the seasons by observing not only the solstice and equinoxes but the subtle shifts within each season by observing the cross-quarter (or halfway point) dates of each. Going forward at the beginning of the month I’ll be sharing on Instagram this Astrology Awareness post that I hope anyone interested will find helpful. This is where the focus of my personal working with astrology has been providing the most powerful results. That said, I have something in the works to try and connect deeper with aspects in astrology…more to come on that soon! I’m curious to know and would love to hear about your journey with astrology. Where do you find the most resonance at this point in time? How has your journey evolved?

I suppose that is enough to chew on for tonight - sending many blessings!

...there is always more to know...

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