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Manifest with the Moon

12 Months. 12 Full Moons. 12 Opportunities.

The stories of harnessing the power of the moon to manifest our dreams are almost as old as time. The moon phase cards in The Living Wheel Astrology deck can be used as a powerful visual tool to synchronize your efforts with harnessing the energy of the moon.

Utilize your cards by displaying the current day’s moon phase card in a location you’ll see often. I also recommend taking a picture of the card and making it your mobile phone wallpaper. You can check the current moon phase for any day, for free, HERE.

Creating anything requires a dream, a plan, action, perseverance and the ability to receive. The more we share, adjust, and release is directly connected to how much we are able to receive. Below is how I personally work with the energy of each moon phase. May it mean something to you.

…there is always more to know…

NEW MOON: On the day of the new moon enter a space in your mind where you allow yourself to DREAM. What do you want? Love? Security? A new job? To lose weight? In this period of the New Moon - it’s about just determining the dream. Boil it down to a simple sentence and write it down.

WAXING CRESCENT: You have the dream. Good. Now, things don’t just happen, you are in the driver's seat of your life. A person once told me, ‘there is nothing wrong with reaching your hand out to accept something, so long as the other hand is doing everything that it can as well.”. During the few days of the waxing quarter moon is the best time to PLAN. What will you need to do to make your dream a reality? Write it down.

WAXING QUARTER: There is no time like the present. NOW is the time to ACT. Starting with this phase, begin executing those plans and whenever possible act as though the dream has manifested. This will likely mean responsibly utilizing suspension of disbelief while also working hard. For example, don’t overdraw your bank account because you are acting as if you no longer have fiscal constraints. Preferably, this is a time to touch the energy of what you think it would feel like to experience what you are trying to manifest and let that fuel your efforts.

WAXING GIBBOUS: Over the days of this moon phase, PERSEVERE. This can be a challenging time. Time has a funny way of doing its own thing. Perseverance is the secret to all triumphs. Obstacles are put in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for.

FULL MOON: Full stop. You've been working hard. On this day stop until you feel that time is almost standing still. Look around you, what are you thankful for? Where are the blessings in your life? Count each of them and feel yourself fill with gratitude. RECEIVE it. Push yourself to keep counting your blessings. How full of gratitude can you be? The larger the vessel the more water it can contain, right? Fill up, fill up, fill up - you need to create a space large enough to hold that dream when it comes!

WANING GIBBOUS: So you know all those things you just counted that you are thankful for? Now is the time to SHARE them with others. “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle…”

WANING QUARTER: You’ve had your hands on the wheel and are on the path towards realizing your dream. Nobody knows how long the journey will be. Along the way, there will be things you can control and things you cannot control. At this phase take a look at what you can’t control and ADJUST your course, as necessary. Often times a perspective adjustment is the most valuable one.

WANING CRESCENT: During the days of this phase look within and RELEASE anything not serving you. Self-doubt, fear, anxiety, neglect, stress, etc. and write it down. Releasing is essential. These things likely helped you in some way in the past but they no longer do. It is ok and necessary to let them go. Write them down and then in a way that feels best, dispose of them. I like to write them down with a fountain pen on paper, then place it in a bowl of water. As the ink runs off the page and the water turns black, I see how little ink it takes to dirty the water. Dump the water out, discard the paper and experience the catharsis.


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