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Transits | The Big Picture Spread

"Nothing is more revealing than movement”  - Martha Graham 


TRANSIT: Definition - To pass across or through (an area). 

Movement is a fundamental principle in astrology. Nothing stands still, including the planets. Each planet represents archetypal energy. The Sun, for example, represents that which is illuminated or seen. An example of this would be how the Sun represents our external self. The part of ourselves that other people see and know of us.

While we are all human and share traits in common, we are all unique and depending on our environment, may express ourselves differently. The planetary bodies are no different. They are always moving through the entire zodiac and express themselves differently depending on what Star Sign (zodiac sign) they are currently ‘in’. For example, the Sun in Aries is going to still represent illumination, but, it is going to express itself in the way of Aries. This expression of illumination would be very different than when the Sun is in Pisces. The 12 zodiac signs are essentially 12 distinct ways in which the 11 planetary bodies in this deck are expressing themselves at any given time.

With each new sign or transit, the planetary energy above changes and therefore does here, below, as well.


Planetary Transit Times

Time for planet to move through zodiac (fastest to slowest)

  • The Moon - Approx. 2.5 days in each sign / 1 month to travel through all zodiac signs. 

  • Mercury - Approx. 14-30 days in each sign / 1 year to get through all zodiac signs. 

  • Venus: Approx. 23 days-2 months in each sign / about 1 year to travel through all signs. 

  • The Sun - Approx. 30 days in each sign / 1 year to get through all zodiac signs. 

  • Mars: Approx. 1.5 months per sign / about 2 years to travel through all zodiac signs. 

  • Jupiter: Approx. 1 year in each sign / about 12 years to get through all zodiac times. 

  • Saturn: Approx. 2.5 years in a sign / about 29.5 years to travel through all zodiac signs. 

  • Chiron: Approx. 1.5 - 8 years in each sign / about 50 years to get through all signs.

  • Uranus: Approx. 7 years per sign / around 84 years to get through all signs.

  • Neptune: Approx. 14 years per sign / about 165 years to get through all signs. 

  • Pluto: Approx. 14-30 years per sign / about 248 years to get through all signs. 


TAKEAWAY - The planetary bodies each represent archetypal energy. The star signs are how this energy is expressed. Each planetary body moves through all 12-star signs at varying speeds over time. This process is called Planetary Transits.


The Big Picture Spread

So what do the transits of the planetary bodies mean for us? We know that the sun’s relationship with the earth directly impacts the seasons we experience here on earth. We know that the moon has a great effect on the tides of our oceans. When we personally know where and how planetary bodies are expressing themselves we can better harmonize and harness them in our day to day life's. I treat this daily consult much like how we may check the weather before we decide what type of clothing we may need to wear on any given day.

Based on your birth chart, each of the star signs will be assigned to one of the twelve specific Houses. Each House identifies a specific area of our human lives. Keywords for each can be found in the keyword booklet that comes with The Living Wheel Astrology Cards. For example, in my birth chart, House 1 is ruled by Pisces. Therefore, anytime any planetary body has transited into Pisces, then for me, the planetary body will be found House 1.

The spread pictured above, which I call The Big Picture Spread has essentially found a permanent home on my desk. This spread is a unique way to explore and visualize where all your unique planetary energies are and how they transit.

...there is always more to know...


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