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brand: magician | merch for the dreamers + doers

We are really excited to introduce you to our new MERCH line, brand: magician and it’s for you; the dreamers + the doers. I hope you enjoy this Q&A!

What was the inspiration behind calling this MERCH, brand: magician ?

I was completely inspired by the Magician Card in the Tarot which essentially tells us that we each have everything we need within ourselves to manifest the outcomes we want in our lives.

I believe we are all the magicians of our lives. Our thoughts, words and actions are creative and VERY powerful.

The STAR as your logo - what is that all about?

We live in a world of symbols and this is actually the first one I learned to draw.

I remember the day my mom taught me how to draw this star - I was in the 1st grade and struggling with holding a pencil actually. I guess I’ve loved the shapes of stars for a long time!

This particular version of a star - also has such an amazing, mysterious and complicated history dating back to the stone ages.

It has been a sign of royalty, a symbol of protection, represented the five virtues of knighthood, been thought of as a symbol of perfection of man by famous greek philosophers, a symbol for the first five books of the bible, a central fundamental symbol within Christianity, held onto by the masons as a symbol off secret enlightened knowledge, - but for thousands of years, and the majority of history it was known as a positive symbol. In the mid 1800’s we see the first recorded history of a negative association given to when it was flipped upside down or inverted.

I could go on and on but check out this link to a really great article that dives deeper into this fascinating symbol.

For me, it represents a symbol of faith, like when wish upon the stars or look up to them in the night sky. It represents nature, with each point a connection to the elements, Ultimately, for me, this is a symbol that serves as a reminder of hopeful, intentional living.


I created THE LIVING WHEEL to create a space where I could curate, create and share the tools that I use to live intentionally.

When I say intentionally I simply mean - to live life fully present. To feel good emotionally. Physically. To live in harmony with nature and the cosmos.

Our choices, everyday impact our life and the lives of others. Just as others peoples choices can impact us. Even on our best, most mindful days - something like an unexpected flat tire, or locking yourself outside of your apartment or house can be so disruptive and our actions in those moments matter, just like in the moments we where we might get unexpected news at a doctors appointment or when we lose a loved one.

I hope that in wearing brand: magician - that in those moments they serve you by acting as reminder to stay present and mindful of your thoughts, words and actions and are able to keep them aligned with your goals and dreams.

WHEN WILL brand magician be available:

brand: magician is available now!

How can we best support BRAND: MAGICIAN

The best way is by placing an order, telling your fellow magicians and share your unboxing and selfies on social media. TAG US #brandmagician and #thelivingwheel so we can see and SHARE your posts!

I want to say THANK YOU sharing your journey and these tools with me. Whether it’s the Astrology Cards for harnessing and synching with the cosmos, the Crystals for all the vibes, or by wearing brand: magician for a comfy daily reminder.

I wish you all many blessings!

Xx Patrick


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