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What's Your Sign?

There have been so many exciting things happening this past week. We SOLD OUT of first print run of the deck (I'M STILL LIKE WTF?!), we announced the second print run of the deck has been ordered AND we LAUNCHED the pre-order for 150 LIMED EDITION BUNDLES that will be shipping on Tuesday, Nov. 12th (coincidently the day of the Full Moon in Taurus, how perfect is that?!).

We’ve been teasing about teasing about a new marketing campaign that would be revealed - and HERE. IT. IS! Some context:

Astrology has changed my life and I know for myself and for many others, that is a deeply powerful, personal daily tool for manifestation and living intentionally. Since releasing the deck I’ve had the opportunity to talk with so many people, both online and in person, and something struck me. While astrology is very complex, some of my most memorable conversations with people have started with, ‘Whats your Sign?'. Highlighting that while complex, astrology also does have a lighthearted side.

This marketing campaign celebrates the lighter side of astrology. #whatsyoursign is our title for the campaign and we recreated this iconic cover of the best selling book, Sex and the Stars by Martin Pentecost released in the 1973.

We wanted to pay homage to this amazing moment in astrology history and we think it came out so good.

Please HELP US celebrate the PREORDER of the LIMITED EDITION BUNDLE by posting a SELFIE with your Sun Sign Card from the deck on Instagram and describe a way you really connect to your Sign. Tag somebody who you’d like to see participate as well!. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #whatsyoursign AND #thelivingwheelastrologycards so we can see and SHARE your post! . I am SO excited and think this is going to be a lot of fun! I cannot WAIT to see you pictures! Xx Patrick


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