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The Sun, Moon + Planets

MIRROR MIRROR part 1: The Sun, Moon + Planets 

In the next few posts, I’ll be briefly covering the major components of the system of astrology. Representing the largest archetypal energies in the system, we start with a quick look at the Sun, the Moon, and the Planets.  THE SUN + THE MOON (The Lights): The Sun represents what is seen and known. What is ‘illuminated’, and visible. For example, you're visible and physical traits. The Moon represents what may not be visible to others. For example, your inner self and emotions.  THE PLANETS:  MERCURY: Mercury appears to be zipping around from one place to another in the night sky. This planet represents ’transmission’. Exchange, travel, communication, and knowledge are a part of this planets domain. For example, Mercury can represent what you know and how you share it with others. VENUS + MARS: Venus represents the energy of unification. What we are drawn and attracted too. The things that we find pleasing; Art, Food, Music, Decor, the people we love. Mars represents the energy of assertion, divide, and separation. For example, Venus is found in the moments you fall in love. Mars is the energy present when you fiercely protect that love.  JUPITER + SATURN: Jupiter represents expansion. The energy of growth, luck, abundance is found here. Saturn represents the energy of restriction. Boundaries, reduction, and constraining elements are found here. For example, Jupiter is being in the right place at the right time. Whereas Saturn can represent not having enough time.  The above can all be seen with the naked eye and are typically called the traditional planets. The below planets are unable to be seen without the aid of tools. Their energies are more collectively impactful.  URANUS: When discovered this planet revolutionized astrology. Innovation and evolution are its domain. For example, in 2007 when the iPhone was first revealed is a very Uranus domain moment. NEPTUNE: Confusing, is it gas or a solid planet? Is it shapeshifting? This planet is hard to pin down and represents the things that are intangible. For example, the soul-stirring you may feel at the ocean or deep in the woods is Neptune's domain. PLUTO: This is the last planet. It is found at the edge of our solar system. This is the domain of complete transformation. For example, the major collective perspective shifts in our history will find very heavy Pluto influence. This is an energy of where 'what was' is no more and 'what will be’ are the next steps. Do you see the mirroring? What do you most resonate with? It’s important to remember that working with astrology is a LIFELONG path and not learned in a single book, class, or post, but rather it is a true adventure of a lifetime.  In MIRROR MIRROR part 2 we’ll take a look at another component of the system of astrology; The Zodiac. In the meantime, let’s chat on Instagram! Xx Patrick 


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