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Shifts + Ideal Times

[SHIFT (verb) - to move from one place to another.]

Today we have both Mercury and Venus shifting into Libra. Energetically our thoughts and actions will be most powerful when the effort is made to synchronize them towards the energy of Libra. To an expression of balance.

Astrology at its core is paying attention to the shifts that happen in the heavens above and connecting them to the shifts that can be seen and felt around and within us. Free will is very much a thing - we can either harness the energies and synchronize with the shifts or not. I often say as someone who lives in Maine - I can absolutely go swimming in the ocean in January, in Winter if I want to - but it is not an ideal time to actually enjoy it. I view astrology very much this way. Each SHIFT lets me know what the ‘ideal time is’ energetically. (FUN FACT: This is the biggest reason I created The Living Wheel Astrology Cards - so I could VISUALLY see in my space what is going on astrologically to better synchronize with it.) 

With this most recent shift of Mercury and Venus into Libra it is an ideal time to keep our thoughts balanced. It is an ideal time to bring balance to our relationships. Strive for harmony between polarities. For partnership, justice and natural diplomacy.

Sending many blessings to you all - always. Xx Patrick 

...there is always more to know.


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