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Refresh | 6 months?!

Tomorrow will mark 6 months since this site, the deck, the calendar, and the crystals went live. It is such an odd feeling when something that took almost two years to be created is released. A space that went from feeling so slow suddenly moves into a full-throttle space. From a compact space of silence to a most expansive one Full of engagement, amazing conversations, new friends made. What is it they say? "Time flies when you're having fun" SO very true.

Please keep posting your pics on Instagram and tag them with #thelivingwheelastrologycards - nothing is more fun than having the opportunity to connect with you and your pics are all SO inspiring and motivating!

There is much more coming and I've started refreshing the website to prepare to make some space for it (P.S. the site is BEST viewed on a computer, I am working hard to make the mobile experience great too, but is a bit more challenging). An amazing journey has come into focus around The Living Wheel Crystal Table that I hope you all enjoy as much I know I will. Spring Equinox saw the addition of Rose Quartz to the table. Summer Solstice is fast approaching and I CANNOT wait to reveal what crystal has come forward - they are here and they are off.the.charts amazing!

I've begun work on the 2020 Calendar as well as done design work for something that will I hope to make astrological aspects a bit more accessible.

There is more, but that is for another post!

...there is always more to know...


टिप्पणी करना बंद कर दिया गया है।
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