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Aspects | The paper is coming...

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” - Leonardo da Vinci

I have been exploring astrological Aspects with this paper I’ve been working on. If you’ve been following our instagram profile you know we always post the planetary Transits that take place, i.e. Sun in Gemini, Mercury in Cancer, etc. I have had many questions asking to speak about the difference between Transits and Aspects so I thought I'd take up that task here. For those new to astrology, the planetary Transits mark significant shifts in the energy ‘As Above’, that when embraced by us in our lives, ‘So Below’, can be harnessed to support living intentionally. Transit energy is generally macro and can be accessed and felt much like how we see and experience the seasons here on earth.  Aspects are different than Transits, and in my opinion, they are a bit more complicated to ‘feel’, harness, and visualize (hence why I’m working on the creation of this paper). They are micro, referencing the planetary energy in a more nuanced way. Aspects speak to the energetic relationship the planets are having with each other. This is determined by the distance between two or more planets and the angle that is formed as a result.  The traditional major aspects are often called 'Ptolemaic Aspects’ since they were defined and used by Ptolemy in the 1st Century, AD. The 5 aspects are classified as Conjuction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Oppostion. Depending on the planets involved the energies can be made a bit more harmonious or problematic. I wanted to test the paper by using it to visualize four of the major aspects at play today, June 15, 2019. First up, we have Mercury, our planetary energy of ‘Transmission’ forming a TRINE with Neptune, which possesses an energy of “Intangibility’. Trines are Jovial in nature, the energy between the two planets is one of developing energy. This energy can be harnessed by enjoying music, reading, poetry or anything that has you getting in touch with your intuitive side.

Mercury TRINE Neptune

Next we have Mars, our planetary energy of Assertion’ forming an ‘OPPOSITION’  with Saturn, our planetary energy of ‘Restriction’. Oppositions are Saturnine in nature, the energy between the two planets is constraining. You may feel this energy in the experience of not getting what you would like to do accomplished. Pushing through this challenge and integrating the slowness being experienced can led to powerful, lasting results. 


Third we have Jupiter, our planetary energy of “Expansion” forming a SQUARE with Neptune, again the planetary essence of “Intangibility”. Squares are Martian in nature, the energy between the two planets is one of separation. Creative tension - where are you feeling it? What would an increased dose of imagination bring to your current situation? Create that which will bring people together to fully harness this energy. 

Jupiter SQUARE Neptune

Lastly - we have Saturn, our planetary energy of “Restriction” forming a SEXTILE with Neptune, again our planetary essence of “Intangibility”. Sextiles are Venusian in nature, the energy between the two planets is collaborative. Restriction working with intangibility? Find this energy expressing itself in the areas of your life that are system and authority oriented - you may need to establish or re-establish boundaries as well as reevaluate goals. Something solid can come from harnessing this new space. 

Saturn SEXTILE Neptune

So what do you think of the paper? It is still a work in process. I hope to finish it soon for you. ...There is always more to know…

Xx Patrick 


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