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Tarot & Astrology | As Above, So Below Spread

A few of you have asked for ways to integrate The Living Wheel Astrology Cards with tarot readings. One spread that is referenced in the keyword booklet that comes with the deck is the As Above / So Below spread. This spread is one I use frequently along with the tarot.

Start by laying the following Living Wheel Astrology Cards down as shown below:

1. The Sun card.

2. The Star Sign the Sun is in today.

3. The current Moon Phase card.

4. The Star Sign the Moon is in today.

5. Your personal House that the Sun is in right now. This card is unique to you.

6. Your personal House that the Moon is in right now. This card is unique to you.

* There are many free and paid resources to determine the current moon phase, daily sun and moon star signs, and to determine your unique house cards. A resource list can be found HERE.

These cards represent the celestial energies at play for the day. “As Above”, so to speak. Consult the keywords. What do they mean to you? How can you utilize them in your life? The exploration of these energies will allow you to understand, harness and use them.


7. At this point I integrate tarot by pulling a single card as shown. As I shuffle the deck, my question is, “What card’s energy/meaning will I choose to reflect on throughout my day?”. This serves as my “SO BELOW” energy. Sometimes this card can also suggest an approach that I may choose to bring to any given situation.


As Above, So Below refers to an ancient belief that actions on earth parallel actions in the heavens. Enjoy exploring the interconnectedness between the celestial energies and tarot card and remember….

…there is always more to know…


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