In crystal healing, Selenite is known to be the ultimate cleansing and charging stone. Thse are ideal to place other crystals and stones on top of to cleanse and charge them. The name is Greek in origin and translates to "moon", given it's white and reflective nature. Scientifically speaking, perfect for High-quality translucent material with an amazing chatoyant eye. Displays many mysterious subsurface inclusions. Selenite is one of the softest and difficult minerals to work with so some minor surface imperfections should be expected and are what make each piece so unique.


Locality: Mined + hand-crafted in Morocco.

Selenite ( Cleansing + Charing Plate)


  • Selenite is sensitive to water and other liquids. While exposure to liquids won’t affect this stone’s metaphysical power, it can alter its size and form. Consider cleansing and ritual practices that don’t involve contact with water. (Additionally, Selenite is a natural self-cleansing stone that needs very little maintenance.)