Ptolemaic Aspects Paper

"Ratios create interactions..." Skip the geometry lesson for now and access working with Aspects in a visually straightforward way with the Ptolemaic Aspects Paper. The traditional Major Aspects are sometimes called Ptolemaic Aspects since they were defined and used by Ptolemy in the 1st Century, AD.



Aspects in astrology speak to the energetic relationship or connection the planets involved are having with each other. This is determined by the distance between two or more planets and the angle that is formed as a result. When planets are in aspect to each other, their interpretations should be blended according to the aspect. Depending on the planets involved, the energies can be made a bit more harmonious or problematic.


Certain angles are very important in astrology - they are called the ‘major aspects’. The traditional major aspects are often called 'Ptolemaic Aspects’ since they were defined and used by Ptolemy in the 1st Century, AD.


The 5 aspects are classified as Conjuction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Oppostion.

  • Trine – angle of 120°
  • Sextile – angle of 60°
  • Square – angle of 90°
  • Opposition – angle of 180°
  • Conjunction – angle of 0°​


Using this paper and The Living Wheel Astrology Cards, users can display relevant aspects for the day. Seeing the angular relationships between planets tells us what planetary energies are interacting and how they are interacting. This paper offers a unique visual that supports harnessing the relevant Aspect energy on any given day. 

Ptolemaic Aspects Paper

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  • Size: 20 x 16 inches - Borderless 


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