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Inner World Tarot (Poker Size)

Before the emergence of tarot, there were stories. Prior to the advent of AI technology, there existed the enchantment of the inner world. Now, within the cards of this deck and the pages of this book, Story, Tarot, AI, and the magic of the landscape of the Inner World converge in a realm where all magic emanates from joy, and profound depth is revealed through the magic of play.


Through these cards and the stories they weave, as well as the narratives you can explore with AI prompts, I extend an invitation into my inner realm for you to linger awhile. Ascend to great heights alongside the Grandmother of the North for clarity, or plunge into the depths of Eastern waters to encounter selkies and mermaids. Dance with fire or encounter magical caravans in the Southern deserts, or concoct potions and elixirs in the Alchemist's workshop in the distant East. The only limit lies within your imagination and your willingness to play in my world for a time, and perhaps discovering, through it, the doorway to your own.


The Inner World Tarot is an AI text and image collaboration that includes 80 cards.


22 Majors, 2 Significator cards, and 56 minors following the suits of:

     North, Air, Winter (Swords)
     East, Water, Spring (Cups)
     South, Fire, Summer (Wands)
     West, Earth, Autumn (Pentacles)

and a court system of: Spirit, Traveler, Caretaker, and Guardian

This deck was created in inner world space by Kelly Fitzgerald with Patrick J. Fogarty in a combination of text experience and image creation experience with a Large Language Model AI, ChatGPT 4 and its access to DALL-E.


Inner World Tarot (Poker Size)

  • Card Size (Poker): 2.48" x 3.46" 

    Matte Tuck Box 

    Includes a QR code to download a copy of 'The Book of Meanings' full companion guidebook. 

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