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UPDATES | Leo energy vibes

WOW - this past week has been a creative whirlwind. The first of the 'Papers' have arrived to the shop, the website has had a bit of refresh, the crystals for the upcoming Instagram LIVE crystal sale have all been acquired and they are charging on the table (side note - OMG, the crystal energy in this room is OFF.THE.CHARTS!!!). Stay tuned for the Instagram LIVE Crystal Sale Event announcement soon. Additionally, I am also almost done putting the finishing touches on the upcoming 2020 Calendar (if you haven't grabbed the 2019 version, it is now 'on SALE!' in the shop at a discounted price since we are over halfway through the year) AND I had SO much fun uploading two IGTV videos that have been requested for some time. Have you had a chance to check them out?!

What is it they say about idle hands?! LOL - off for some much needed rest, more to come!

Xx Patrick

P.S. Also FINALLY got my 2 of Swords and Cross ink done - there are no regrets when you fill your life with your magic!


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