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Relationships. Planetary Valentine's Musings

“A great relationship is about two things, first, find the similarities, second, respect the differences.”

Hello there, Happy Valentine’s Day! While this day means different things to each of us, I celebrate love on this day.

Today has me thinking about relationships. Those of acquaintance, professional, friendship, family, and of romance and challenge. In relationship to others we experience aspects of ourselves. These relationships are never our whole, yet collectively, ’So Below’ here, we are a whole; Humans.

A beautiful symmetry also exists, “As Above”, with the planets, specifically with the 7 traditional planets. This has inspired me to muse a bit about the relationships they have with each other and I invite you to join me.


Take a look below at the planetary relationships and consider the following questions.

  • What do the keywords mean to you? 

  • Does the symmetry between them specifically resonate with personal circumstances in your life? 

  • Can you spot the planetary archetypes within relationships in your life? Perhaps with your parents, children, co-workers, friends and strangers?  

  • What are your musings? Share them in the comments of this photo on Instagram! 


The Sun and The Moon

Keywords: Illumination and Reflection

Musing: A source and a subject. Giving and receiving. What is and what is seen are two very different things.

Venus and Mars

Keywords: Unification and Assertion

Musing: Together and Separate. Like attracts like and what you resist will persist. 

Jupiter and Saturn

Keywords: Expansion and Restriction

Musing: Abundance and Discipline. All movement is not forward.

...and for good measure

(this pairing is not traditional as Earth is typically not considered, but I see a beautiful connection)

Earth and Mercury

Keywords: Life and Transmission

Musing: Home and worlds explored. Travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

I look forward to reading your thoughts and chatting with each of you! P.S. I have much love for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, but those musings are for another post. 

…there is always more to know...


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