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Birth Chart Moments + Reflections on the Cosmic Mirror.

Last year on the Winter Solstice (before the deck was released) I laid out my birth chart with the prototype deck. Now, a year later and having worked daily with astrology it is a surreal moment to lay out my birth chart again. 

What was once so confusing and unknown is more familiar and I am better for it. The study of astrology is the study of the mysterious cosmic mirror. A birth chart is a photograph of sorts. It is a snapshot of where all the planets were at the exact moment you were born. The idea is that by studying this snapshot, you can gain insight to yourself and the circumstances of your life. This takes time and one could easily spend a lifetime doing nothing but diving into one's own birth chart. It's an invitation I couldn't help but accept and a journey that has since changed my life profoundly. Pictured below is my birth chart. You have a completely unique and different one. If you have the deck and are on instagram, post a pic - I'd love to check it out! Tag your pic with #thelivingwheelastrologycards so I can be sure to miss it!

Five years ago I set a goal to live more intentionally and in harmony with nature. Astrology and this deck, are key tools I use to support my efforts. Just the Sun’s location and proximity with Earth directly dictates the seasons and our well-being as a result, I am without doubt that all of planets and their movements directly impact us as well. The more you know, the more you can align. The more you align, the more intentionally you can live. 

Fate. Fortune. Free Will. I believe there are no coincidences. I do believe that there are rules within the universe. For example: the rule of gravity. You can doubt it exists, after all, you can’t see it. However, if you jump off a roof - you will know gravity. Because of this, we don’t jump off of high places and we are careful. Gravity will win. You will fall. It’s not negative or positive, it just is. I view the planets and how they are moving as a rule like gravity - I call it, the Rule of Impact.I don't see it as negative or positive, I just know it to exist and consider it as I live my life.

When the weather forecaster tells us that it is going to rain, we plan. We dress accordingly. We can still do whatever we want (free will is a wonderful thing), though, it might not be an ideal time to sun tan when it’s raining...right? Intentional living comes from our choices being in alignment with our actions, goals and objectives. Someone asked me recently, "Why bother to share when it's complicated and people may just think you are crazy?". I have thought about this. Living intentionally, It's not always easy. Alignment with astrology has certainly made my efforts much more effective. It has helped me. The answer is a very simple one. Other people taking the chance to share their stories, tools, knowledge is in large part how I have found much my passions and life goals. If in my sharing, the small potential is there to help even one person in creating the life they dream of, manifesting their magic, intentionally living - I will gladly take that risk.

Sending you many blessings! Xx Patrick


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