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Astrology is an ancient practice dating back thousands and thousands of years ago. Our ancestors looked up to observe the Sun, Moon, and planets as they traveled through the constellations above. The natural clock, the cosmos, was used to establish timing and recognize how the overhead shifts correlated to the cyclical changes in nature. From observation, our ancestors also synthesized a deeper connection between the heavens above and life here on Earth.


'That which is above is from that which is below, and that which is below is from that which is above'

As Above, So Below.


Unfortunately, just over 2000 years ago, everything changed. Human-made' systems' of astrology were developed, and they exchanged observation for calculation. These systems kept the premise's promise but discarded actual timing and the ebb and flow of a shifting cosmos in favor of a forever 'fixed,' never changing, perfectly calculable, idealized construct. 


 In the following ways, they disconnect us because they:


  • Discard the natural cycle of celestial eras (i.e., precession) which keeps us in the incorrect Aries era timeline.

  • Discard accurate timing by making the constellations the same size when they are all different AND additionally remove the 13th constellation, Ophiuchus. 


These systems are now what make up mainstream astrology today. Tropical, Western, Vedic, and Sidereal…are all constructs. None of them are real.


If you are reading this, there is a reason. While initially disorienting, it's an exciting time. I am glad you are. Find me regularly HERE and learn more about Astronomical Astrology (aka, TRUE Sidereal Astrology, Real Sky Astrology, Constellation Astrology, True Sky Astrology) with me — with us. 


The time is now.

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Xx, Patrick 

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